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Interactive parables

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The Interactive Parables is a fun, 3-D game combining lessons from the Parables of Jesus. There are twenty four lessons from Jesus’ Parables grouped together by theme. Complete each lesson to win a crown. A great Bible-based product for your family, church or home school. Students 10 and older will enjoy it. Younger students would enjoy it as well with parent partners.

Within the game, you will fly, slide, jump, bounce, dodge, search, and solve puzzles in 20 game levels. Meanwhile, you are learning about the lesson based on Jesus’ Parables. The Interactive Parables is a great tool to have fun and learn at the same time. With twenty four lessons, it fully covers every Parable told by Jesus Christ. It promotes understanding and retention while providing positive experiences for students. It requires Windows 98, ME, XP, or XP Pro and 3D graphics capability. It’s packaged in either a full or slim-line jewel case.



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