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New christian games

  • Overcomer

    Find all the keys, play this 3d unity game online.

  • Spark

    Play this fun and exiting game made during the cdn speedgame 2014

  • No more burnt offerings

    Based on hosea 6:6

  • Kongsblod

    Play this interesting viking game.

    kongsblod viking game
  • RomBot-109

    Click on the image to go directly to this game. Play this game based on Romans 10:9

  • Guide the light

    Guide the light. Click on the dots to connect the light.

    guide the light game
  • Church builder demo

    Build churches in this game

    church builder demo
  • Jonah's flappy fish

    play our version of bible flappy bird

    jonah flappy fish
  • Power of the cross

    A game to illustrate how Jesus died for us and cleared the way for us to God.

    bible game power of the cross
  • Stumbling Blocks

    Take control of the stumbling blocks! Move the blocks out of the way to allow all the travelers to reach the cross in this methaphorical game based on Romans 14:13.

    stumbling blocks
  • Runner

    Run & Jump untill you see the complete bible phrase. Can you do it?

  • Wedding bells

    Decorate this church for a wedding. Click on the items you want in your church and drag and drop them to the place you see fit

  • Basket of Moses

    Guide the basket of Moses over the river, but watch out for the crocodiles, how far can you go?

  • Biblebook hangman

    Hangman game, but with bible books. Can you guess them all?

  • Noah's Memory Mixup

    Can you find all the animal pairs?

  • Church car parking

    Park the car in front of the church. Use the up key to go forward and the left and right keys to steer. Be carefull, it's is very sensitive and very challenging

  • Bible hangman

    Hangman game, but with biblical figures. Can you guess them all?

  • My sheep

    Bring all the sheep back to the barn. Do this before the time runs out. Hurry up hurry up

  • Sheep count

    Count all the sheeps you see, it sounds easy but if it is really that easy? Look for yourself.

  • Word herd

    Find the correct words as soon as possible. Look at the sheeps for the right words.

  • Noah's dove

    Bring the dove as far as you can, Gen 8:8 - Noah wanted to find out if the water had gone down, and he sent out a dove.

  • Current

    Game based on Proverbs 15:24 The path of life leads upward for the prudent,that he may turn away from Sheol beneath.

  • Peter's fishing game

    Help Peter to catch the fish, but don't catch the wrong fish and who is that person on the shore?

  • The twelve apostles

    A game about 12 apostles, featuring 2 games, one is 12 apostles Quiz, other is a memory game matching 12 apostles panels. Users can learn about Jesus' disciples with fun!

  • Heaven

    Heaven is some sort of tetris game with a nice twist. Can you guess why this tetris game is called heaven? Play this game now!

  • Church row puzzle

    Use your mouse to drag the columns or rows of tiles to get back the original picture.

  • Feed the Cows

    Feed all the cows


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